Cerise your way into June

Disti is a local, independent craft gin subscription community. We are passionate about bringing high quality and unique Victorian craft gins to your doorstep. Our membership is straightforward and transparent - you only pay for what you drink! No lock-in contracts or hidden costs.

This month we are proud to announce that we are working with Bass & Flinders, featuring their Cerise gin.

Cerise is a delightful contemporary gin. The juniper berries softened by coriander are combined with lush and fragrant botanicals, including hibiscus rosella, cherries, raspberries, a hint of orange.  Handcrafted using shiraz-based eau de vie (a grape spirit).

It is a playful spirit that reveals a balanced velvety finish with a subtle sweetness reminiscent of Turkish delight. Just right for a G&T home party or any other celebration!

Cerise Gin is been made in small batches to yield the best quality spirit. It contains local ingredients from farms around the Red Hill region. All gins by Bass and Flinders are handcrafted from a grape based spirit.

“Using grape spirit for gin provides another dimension to the gin’s botanicals, and adds to the texture, viscosity and flavour of the spirit.  This, combined with seasonal produce, produces extraordinary spirits” - Holly Klintworth, head distiller of Bass and Flinders Distillery.

Sign up now to get your hands on this unique bottle. Your support will not only help these independent distilleries but their local supply chain along the way. By supporting Disti, you are playing your part in helping uplift our local craft industry.

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