Disti report: Bass & Flinders distillation process

This month we partnered with Bass & Flinders distillery. Established in 2009, they are inspired by their region, the Mornington Peninsula. One of the great wine producing regions of Victoria.

We sat down with Holly and Dan to find out what makes them special, their unique approach to distilling, and this is what we found out. 

They do things quite different here by making their own base spirit, using the French Charentaise distillation method, a process usually applied in making brandy.

They source wine from a single vineyard, extracting the alcohol and using it as their base ‘Eau De Vie’ or grape base spirit.

The difference with eau de vie compared other base spirits is that it adds additional viscosity, texture and smoothness.

With the primary wine base that comes in, Bass and Flinders put it through a 2-distillation process to extract the eau die vie. The distillation is where they produce 'low wines' in the first pass, following the second pass, being a much finer and detailed pass where they extract the ethanol portion used for crafting their gin products.

“On the second distillation, as you’re going through the heads, the hearts, and the tails, it’s the distillers job to nose, to taste and to make the decision when to make that cut and when to distinguish between each of those fractions. This is very much based on intuition’- Holly Klintworth.

All their gins are produced on-site and are available in our Disti Shop. They are: the initial founder’s range, gin 10, soft & smooth, monsoon with the shiraz base, Holly’s new creations the Orient and the Maritime and the limited release of the Genevieve, angry Ant Gin.