Terms and Conditions 

  • These member terms and conditions are in addition to the Terms which can be found here.
Member Registration

    By joining Our community, You acknowledge and agree that:

    • Your registration details are true and accurate at all times and You undertake to update Your registration details from time to time when they change. It is Your responsibility to update Your details. Failure to do this may result in purchases being sent to an incorrect address and We will not be liable for this.
    • On registration, You agree to pay for Our services as set out on our Website.
    • We reserve the right to terminate Your membership at any time if you breach these terms and conditions or Our Terms of sale.
    • Maintaining an active credit card is a requirement of membership with Us. Your membership will be terminated should Your card be invalid for more than 3 months.
    • In the case that You have more than one payment method in Your account with Us (ie. multiple credit cards), We reserve the right to attempt to charge those additional payment types should the primary payment type be declined. By adding additional payment methods You agree to this.
    Your Subscription and How It Works
    • By joining to Our community, You are agreeing to receive Products on a recurring basis for an indefinite period until cancelled by You or Us as set out in these terms and conditions. The subscription amount and billing interval can be found on the Website and in these terms and conditions.
    • Our community operates an “opt-out” system. This means that You are automatically opted-in to purchase Your subscription each month unless You opt-out within the Allotted Timeframe.
    • If You wish to skip a month, You may do so up to one day prior to your next Billing Cycle date. On receipt of this request: (a) We will not charge You the fee for that month; (b) We will not send the relevant Product to Your nominated address and (c) You will not be entitled to receive the member benefits for that month.
    • You agree that if You do not “opt-out” within the allotted timeframe, Your registered credit card will be debited in accordance with your Billing Cycle and the nominated Product will be delivered to the address provided by You at registration.
    Opt-out, Refunds and Returns
    • You can opt-out of a month’s featured Product by clicking on the “opt-out” button in your member portal on the Website. Please contact us immediately if for whatever reason You are unable to gain access to Your account.
    • It is Your responsibility to opt-out two weeks prior to Your next Billing Cycle date as set out in clause 5 (Alloted Timeframe). There is no penalty and/or charges for opting out.
    • After Your Alloted Timeframe, You will no longer be able to “opt-out” for that month on Our Website.
    • We reserve the right to accept or decline any late opt-outs received after the Alloted Timeframe. In the event that a late opt-out is accepted, the amount charged will be credited to Your account. If a late opt-out is accepted after Your order has been processed, it is Your responsibility to return the Product to Us at Your cost before a refund or credit is applied.
    Billing Cycles
    • You will be charged for your initial order upon completing your registration to become a member of Our community.
    • Unless otherwise stated and unless You have opted-out within the correct timeframe, Your billing cycle for the following months will be on the 8th of that month (Billing Cycle) and your regitered credit card will be debited on the that date each month.
    • Successful transactions will receive a tax invoice via email and declined transactions will be notified via email.
    • We will re-attempt to charge declined cards daily for the next five working days or until that month’s featured Products is sold out. It is Your responsibility to ensure You have sufficient funds on Your card and to update Your account with Your new card details before Your current card expires.
    Cancellation of Membership
    • You may cancel Your membership at any time by logging in to Your membership portal on the Website and electing to cancel Your membership.
    • If You cancel Your membership and We inadvertently charge You in the following month or in any later months, You will have no claim against us except for the refund of the amount paid, and even then, only if You return any Products that We inadvertently sent You, unopened and undamaged.