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Bass and Flinders Distillery 500ml | 40% ABV


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This premium gin is a truly unique Australian gin, a tribute to Australia's rich bio-diverse landscapes. With typical Australian origins, this gin is hand-crafted and hand-numbered by distillers and made from classic Australian Shiraz spirit where the rich, ripe aromas of the Shiraz grape deliver a gin that is one of a kind.

Inspired by the flora and fauna found in the Australian outback this gin has been triple distilled in small batches using an Alembic Pot Still. Wooleen Station in central Western Australia has provided the perfect environment for distillers to source a wide range of Australian native botanicals.

Wooleen Station is well known for its holistic approach to land management and the rehabilitation of the delicate outback landscape. Featured on ABC's Australian Story the Station has adopted ecological farming practices to ensure a sustainable future of the region. These practices have produced incredible regeneration of native flora and fauna on the property and Bass & Flinders are proud to be using a selection of species in this latest gin.

The botanicals, which were hand-picked at Wooleen Station, include Mulla Mulla and Purple Vetch flowers, native lemongrass, native sandalwood nuts, the currant bush; and, of course, the starring botanical, Australian ants!

Ants are highly social and communicate with pheromones, chemicals that convey specific messages, including colony identity and imminent danger. The chemical nature of these pheromones can be influenced by the ants’ diet. All the plant-based botanicals collected are used to compliment the pheromones released by the ants during distillation to produce a truly unique Australian Gin known as Angry Ant Gin.

Bass and Flinders are collaborating with the School of BioSciences at the University of Melbourne to understand more about this naturally occurring phenomenon. Professor Mark Elgar and his research group assisted in identifying the species of ant used for the first batch of Angry Ant Gin, identifying the pheromones captured in the distillation.

Serve with tonic water and a slice of lemon.


Proudly the first distillery on the Mornington Peninsula, Bass & Flinders Distillery was born in 2009 from an admiration for handcrafted, premium aged spirits through the distillation of grapes, taking inspiration from traditional French Charentaise production methods.

The specially selected Victorian grapes are double-distilled into a bright and fruity eau de vie or grape-based spirit in small batches using an Alembic Pot Still and are used to create award-winning gins. Committed to exploring the infinite possibilities to create unique small-batch, handcrafted gins while using local produce wherever possible, Bass & Flinders truly captures the essence of their home on the Peninsula.

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