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Dutchy Thomas 'Dutch-style' Gin

Little Lon Distilling Co 500ml | 42% ABV


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This fine Dutch-style gin with its creamy, almost buttery, malty tones underpinning a citrus & juniper tang with a dash of ginger will tingle the palate.

This is Little Lon’s Hollandic hooligan, Arthur ‘Dutchy’ Thomas, full of swagger and Dutch courage take on the wonderful Dutch-style Gin known as Genever - the predecessor to London Dry Gin as we know gin today. Dutch-style gin is wonderfully rich and malty undertones on the nose with a rather complex finish. With hints of chocolate, caramel, and liquorice, its creamy, buttery and at his finest on the rocks. Enjoy stirred down in a Martinez or as a replacement in other whiskey cocktails


Little Lonsdale, this once 'notorious' North-East corner of Melbourne, was a sight to behold in the 1850s. Its colourful past, specifically, a deep shade of harlot red, made it a magnet for the debauched, where wanton wenches and liquored-up larrikins lurched down its lamp-lit lanes.

Fast forward 141 years, and there they are. Little Lon Distilling Co. A gin-trified establishment commemorating the rich history of Little Lon with a range of characterful, small-batch Melbourne gins that raise a tipple to the delightful deviates that once trod these lurid laneways.

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