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Little Lon Distilling Co 500ml | 42% ABV


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This luscious limited-batch gin is in honour of Little Miss Yoko. Oriental Oomphess and seductress of Victorian-era Little Lon. Exquisitely balanced spirit ringing with tones of citrus and juniper, and with a lychee fruit finish to tingle the palette, concocted in her honour.

A wonderful nose of vanilla, baking spices and unmistakable lychee fruit. On second pass, the fragrance of suppressed juniper and citrus tantalise the taste buds, with slightly sweet lingering lychee fruit to round the finish. Activate this gin to bring out a freeze-dried raspberry flavour when mixed with Fever Tree's Elderflower tonic water, make a refined Lychee Martini, or star it in your favourite fruity sour cocktail.


Little Lonsdale, this once 'notorious' North-East corner of Melbourne, was a sight to behold in the 1850s. Its colourful past, specifically, a deep shade of harlot red, made it a magnet for the debauched, where wanton wenches and liquored-up larrikins lurched down its lamp-lit lanes.

Fast forward 141 years, and there they are. Little Lon Distilling Co. A gin-trified establishment commemorating the rich history of Little Lon with a range of characterful, small-batch Melbourne gins that raise a tipple to the delightful deviates that once trod these lurid laneways.

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