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Sweet Jennifer Gin

Terra Australis Distillery 700ml | 40% ABV


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This gentle lady offers a lightness of flavour with a hint of sweetness at her centre. Then, be ready for the surprise. She gives you a little bit of a bite right at the back with Tasmanian pepper berry. Perfect! Easy to enjoy on her own or with your favourite mixers and condiments.


Nestled just on the edge of the township of Daylesford. At the entrance of this lovely, little community – one will find the Old Butter Factory. This steadfast, stately piece of history has become the home of Herbal Lore Liqueurs and Terra Australis Distillery.

Their pure, beautiful spirit blended to perfection with rare and extraordinary botanicals creates the foundation for their unique range of gins- incredibly smooth, incredibly rich, incredibly flavoursome. In the hands of the master distiller, juniper berry marries beautifully with specially chosen botanicals. The balance, the texture, the incredible smoothness combine to create an experience that delights the palate with true flavour.

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